How To Even…Thanksgiving 2020

How To Even…
11 min readNov 19, 2020

By Michael Gushue & CL Bledsoe

You wake up from your glutinous post-Thanksgiving haze to find Mamaw’s house deserted. You call and call, but no one answers. In the dining room, where once a great feast was laid out, now, there are strange red splotches — they almost look like slime trails. Or maybe they’re blood trails. You’re kind of freaking out. You try your cell, but there’s no service.

The last thing you remember was eating — the turkey and sides were great. The cranberry sauce was from a can, so you didn’t have any, but several other people tried it. Probably everyone; you don’t know. The pies were good, except the pumpkin, which was pumpkin. You sat in a chair in the living room and must’ve fallen asleep. And then, whatever this was happened.

You toast a frozen waffle as a hair of the dog breakfast and check the social media for news. except you can’t check social media for news, because the internet seems to be down. You were concerned before, but this really makes you scared. You fiddle with the TV for several minutes, trying to find an actual channel, and when you do, none of them is broadcasting. You vaguely remember that Mamaw has a landline in the kitchen. You tell it to call Mamaw, but that doesn’t work. Then, you remember that you have to actually pick it up and dial it. You’re not sure your fingers will even work that way, but when you pick it up, you realize it’s not working either. Assuming you were listening to the right end.

You decide to go outside. Maybe you can drive to a police station or a hospital or Facebook headquarters to find out what’s up. Outside, it’s pandemonium. There are red splotches everywhere and no sign of people. Smoke rises from fires you can’t see. Cars are overturned. It looks like some kind of war has been happening, and somehow you slept through it.

The door to the house across the street is open. You cross and knock on it, which pushes it further open. You call out as you step inside. The scene is just like the one you left behind: red splotches and those weird trails everywhere. No signs of people — until you see something under the table. It looks like part…